Committees of the HTNS

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Awards Committe

The Awards Committee reviews nomination submissions for our Built Heritage Award.  Awards for restorations completed within the past five years are presented annually at a special Awards event in February during Heritage Week.

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Buildings-at-Risk Committee:

This committee works towards finding solutions for buildings deteriorating through neglect and buildings slated for demolition – buildings under threat. The Committee has a budget for financial assistance. Through our resources, the history of the building can be used as a means for justifying its retention and restoration. The committee can provide assistance as to best practices in maintaining a building or its important elements.

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Conservation Fund Policy

Purpose of the Heritage Trust

Standards for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada

Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic places in Canada


Port Greville Lighthouse Restoration

Communities Committee:
The Communities Committee highlights heritage issues and events in areas of the province outside Halifax Regional Municipality. They bring issues to the attention of the Board and lend assistance to projects of other organizations. The Committee also takes an active rôle in heritage projects in other parts of the province, such as restoration workshops, assisting in establishing and overseeing heritage property registrations and districts, and recently, the restoration of the Gardiner’s Mill Dam.

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Education Committee:
This Committee is tasked with preparing educational programs and activities to cultivate interest in our built heritage. The committee focuses on material for schools, for walking tours, and for public heritage programs. The Committee also recognizes heritage projects presented by students at the annual Historica Fairs.
Events/Programs Committee:
The Heritage Trust presents a program of illustrated talks on matters of interest to our Society at the Museum of Natural History, 1747 Summer Street, Halifax, on the third Thursday of each month from September through May. We also use this opportunity to update our audience on issues of interest to our organization. The talks are followed by refreshments. Talks are free and open to the public.

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HRM Committee:
This HRM Committee communicates to the Board issues of concern within Halifax Regional Municipality. This committee has been very active in protecting views from Citadel Hill, in advocating the establishment of HRM’s first Heritage Conservation District, and has had considerable input in the recent HRM-by-Design plan. Members have submitted briefs and letters to various levels of government respecting development issues in HRM, and have joined with other community organizations to save heritage in this historic city.

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The Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia creates a quarterly publication, The Griffin, which is distributed free of charge to our members in March, June, September and December. We welcome articles from individuals around the province on heritage issues, news, and events – such as heritage tours. The publication notifies members of events of other societies around the province.


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Painted Rooms Committee:
The interiors of heritage buildings are not protected under municipal or provincial heritage legislation; however, interior decorative painting is being recognized, protected and catalogued by this Committee. The committee is making this work available for viewing by the public via the internet, thereby highlighting works which would not otherwise be generally available for public appreciation.

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The Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia has published several books which can be ordered through our website. This committee is also responsible, from time to time, for production of pamphlets, brochures and printed material relating to issues of interest to Heritage Trust and for materials in support of events sponsored by the Trust.

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Public Relations:

Our Communications Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining an effective public image for the Society, and oversees the publication of materials to promote the activities and aims of the Society.

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Places of Worship Committee:

Our ecclesiastical architecture is particularly under threat and this committee is dedicated to cataloguing our religious buildings, promoting policies to protect them, and publicizing their architectural importance to Canada.

The Places of Worship Committee shall act in accordance with the bylaws of the HTNS to meet the mission statement, vision and core beliefs of the HTNS by promoting public interest in and the conservation of the Places of Worship that are of historical and cultural significance to Nova Scotia including ancillary places such as glebe houses, manses, cemeteries, convents, church halls, etc. It will accomplish these goals by means of the following activities:

- publishing
- offering lectures and workshops
- co-sponsoring symposia and other educational opportunities
- offering architectural tours
- cataloguing Places of Worship and promoting policies to protect them including those that are no longer needed for worship.

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