Established in 1989 in conjunction with the Federation of Nova Scotia Heritage, since 1999 this award is bestowed by Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia.


Built Heritage Awards

The Built Heritage Awards of the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia call attention to excellence in the conservation of our province’s built heritage.  The awards are designed to recognize and honour outstanding individuals, groups, companies and government departments who have preserved and rehabilitated a part our built heritage.  Nominations are accepted in the following categories:

- residential,
- commercial  (or non-residential),
- institutional,
- conservation by means of adaptive reuse (architectural integrity of exterior has been preserved and interior has been adapted to accommodate re-use), and
- places of worship (churches and associated buildings)

Nominations for conservation projects which do not fit the listed categories will be considered on an individual basis.

The deadline for nominations is September 30.

-Click here to download the Built Heritage Awards Form-

Award for Excellence in Supporting Heritage Conservation

The award recognizes exceptional efforts of individuals in supporting heritage conservation by way of:

-increasing public awareness of and support for heritage resources,
-achievement in heritage resource planning and management, or
-exemplary volunteer commitment to heritage conservation

The deadline for nominations is December 31.

Awards are presented at an annual event which takes place during Heritage Week in February. Award winners with write-ups and photos will be posted on our website and will be profiled in an article in our newsletter, The Griffin.

-Click here to download the Award for Excellence in Supporting Heritage Conservation Form-

Nomination Procedure


• Nominations may be made by any two members of Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, an individual, organization, business or government department..

• Members of the Board of Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia are ineligible for the Award for Excellence in Supporting Heritage Conservation.

• Conservation projects nominated for an award must have been completed within the preceding five years.

• The owner of a built heritage project or the nominee for the Excellence in Supporting Heritage Conservation Award must consent to the nomination.

Submitting a Nomination

The nomination forms can be downloaded from the website or may be requested from Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia. Nominations may be submitted with required attachments by



Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia
P.O. Box 36111, RPO Spring Garden
Halifax, Nova Scotia,
B3J 3S9

Prior to completing a nomination submission with supporting documents, nominators may request a review by a member of the Awards Committee to ensure that the nomination requirements are clear.

Winning submissions, with supporting materials, become the property of the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, may be used for publicity and form part of our organization’s archival records, which are available to the public by appointment.

The Selection Process

Receipt of all nomination submissions will be acknowledged.

The Awards Committee reviews the applications, seeks further information where required and inspects projects.

Project nominations are evaluated by the Awards Committee in accordance with established criteria based on the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. Special consideration is given to projects involving adaptive reuse, buildings rescued from imminent demolition, and buildings of community interest that have been saved.

The Awards Committee’s roster of recommended award winners is presented to the Heritage Trust’s Board of Trustees for approval. Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia reserves the right to withhold awards if no suitable nomination is received.